Characteristics and scope of application of different types of rubber fenders

Characteristics and scope of application of different types of rubber fenders

Rubber fenders are widely used in navigation and are also very useful. They are also classified into many types, such as Y-type rubber fenders , D-type rubber fenders , drum-type rubber fenders , and marine inflatables. Relying on the ball, etc., and what role do they have? What is the scope of application? Let's take a look at it together.

Each rubber fender has its own different characteristics and advantages as well as its scope of application. I will introduce it to you below. 1) Cylindrical rubber fender : low characteristic reaction force, small surface pressure and reasonable suction energy; when berthing, the ship's roll and pitch adaptability is not affected by the size of the ship, and the installation is convenient and convenient. Suitable for old-fashioned terminals. 2) DA type rubber fender: features high absorption energy and low reaction force; the product has higher stress dispersion and long service life; the front side is provided with a defensive plate to reduce the surface pressure; the specifications are complete and the installation method is diverse; .3) Semi-circular (D-type) rubber fender : featuring moderate reaction force and high energy absorption compared with cylindrical type; easy to install; due to the small width of the bottom, it is especially suitable for framed dock and shipboard installation.

4) Drum type rubber fender: low characteristic reaction force, large suction energy; surface pressure below 25 tons/m2; low compression mechanical properties of tilting; ∏ type rubber fender: low characteristic reaction force, large energy absorption; installation Convenient; generally suitable for large and medium-sized terminals. 5) DO type rubber fender : characteristic reaction force energy is higher than D type fender; installation strength and service life are greatly improved than D type fender; suitable for framed wharf. Arch type (V type) rubber fender: features moderate reaction force, high energy absorption; firm and convenient installation; suitable for all kinds of terminals.

Each rubber fender has different characteristics, and their range of use has a strong function. The products described above are commonly used in our lives. I hope that these will be introduced in the days to come. Products that can help everyone use.

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