Super Drum Rubber Fender

Super Drum Rubber Fender

The Super Drum Rubber Fender consists of a rubber fender body, a steel impact plate and a plastic patch panel. The Super Drum Rubber Fender produced by our company has the following features:

1) Shape design is reasonable, with higher stress dispersion, large compression deformation of 55%, long service life;

2) Unit reaction force case, the fender suction energy is high;

3) The top of the fender has a large area and the fender is arranged so as to greatly reduce the surface pressure acting on the shipboard and reduce the surface pressure;

4) steel anti-red plastic plate installed on the board, the friction coefficient is small, reducing the berthing shear force;

5) This series of super-drum rubber fenders can effectively dock from 50,000 to 300,000 DWT-class large ships.

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